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Lean Six Sigma is an internationally recognised and certified approach to management that enables you to hyper-focus on creating value within an organisation, to design efficient business processes, to make use of minimal resources, and to identify promising opportunities in business. Whilst Six Sigma refers to reducing variations and quality control, the original managerial principles of Lean have become increasingly recognised within our business culture — from The Lean Startup of Eric Reis to the ethos of Bill Gates and the beginnings of Microsoft. Now, they are at the core of the world’s most successful companies.

About the Lean Academy

The true value of the Lean approach lies in the actual competence to apply certain critical and analytical skills across a range of professional contexts. Through engaging course materials taught by the CEO of Leanscape himself, Reagan Pannell, you will learn how to unlock your innate potential as a leader.

Reagan possesses over twelve years of professional experience in change-management programmes with multinational, blue-chip organizations, and he will be available to provide you with a hands-on and tailored approach to suit your specific professional needs.

We attribute the long-term results of our executive training to our approach that focuses not on producing certificates, but on developing leaders.

  • Learn about "Process Thinking" and its relevance across all business contexts

  • Develop essential managerial skills by linking your actions to customer needs, thereby increasing your value to an organisation

  • Understand the critical data-based tools for sound business decision making

  • Know how the elements of corporate strategy, performance indicators and daily operations and business activity combine to create world-class performance

  • Fast-track you professional career by being able to think, speak and act as a leader

  • Certify your skills with internationally recognised qualifications.

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Global Logistics & Freight Company

Ruby Wolff - Regional COO Aramex

The Leanscape journey and introduction to Lean is simply magic. I have been on several Lean management and 5S courses and seminars, but Reagan's comes out tops. I could literally see light bulbs turn on in peoples heads. The Magic is in the execution - The Art is in the why - The Science is in the process

Thank you Leanscape and Reagan for the excellent Yellow Belt course.

Marco Murru - Quality Partner - Moorfields Eye Hospital

The videos, activities and presentations provided were clear and well-structured. Reagan’s knowledge and experience in Six Sigma made it easy to learn and be engaged all the way through. Reagan provided real life examples in order to understand the tools. The course improved the way we look at how we do our work, how we improve it and how we learn to fix problems and reduce waste. I feel more confident about implementing changes to improve quality and safety in the organisation.

About US

Leanscape.io is a global consultancy and training provider of Lean Six Sigma management principles for corporates and professional individuals looking to develop their adaptive and innovative capacities to join the next generation of world leaders in business.

What we believe

We must continually refine and improve processes across our lives in order to minimise waste, enhance efficiency and focus on the creation of genuine value for individuals — in this way, we realise the true potential of our finite resources.

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