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A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is an expert whose job it is to optimise and improve all areas of any entire organisation. Often, leading a team of continuous improvement professions, Black Belts are continually increasing the speed and quality of processes, helping improve customer satisfaction, helping the business stay both competitive and financial sound and also key trouble shooters able to quickly help companies address critical issues.

  • Get Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified in 90-days and develop the key leadership skills to manage large scale transformation and change management projects in complex environments.

  • Develop your leadership skills and become a change agent to successfully manage complex problems at all levels of the organisation.

  • Become a true expert within your organisation leading teams of continuous improvement professionals to address key business challenges to drive quality, speed, customer satisfaction and financial results.

  • Every student will be teamed up with a dedicated coach & mentor to support them through their training and to provide expert advice during real-world project delivery

  • Become a leader in your field with an internationally recognised Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification by completing the course and the deliver a real world improvement project.

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Over 60% of past participants have been reimbursed for their Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course. While we can’t guarantee it, many companies provide employees reimbursement through a budget for continued learning. We have created an email template you can use to share the idea and get buy-in from your manager.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Your Lean Six Sigma Course for Business Leaders

  • 1

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Introduction

    • Welcome to our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course

    • How to use this course

    • How to Choose a Great Project for Black Belt!

  • 2

    Module 01: Lean Thinking

    • Lean in 60 Seconds (YB)

    • An Introduction to Lean Six Sigma (GB)

    • Lean Philosophy, history and background (YB)

    • The 5 Principles of Lean (YB)

    • The Scientific Problem Solving Approach - PDCA (YB)

    • How to Identify Customer Value (YB)

    • The Eight Wastes (YB)

    • Process Thinking Part 1 - Introduction (YB)

    • Process Thinking Park 2 - SIPOC (YB)

    • Process Thinking Part 3 - Activity Map (YB)

    • 5S and Workplace Design (YB)

    • Core Lean Skill - Assignment 1

    • Core Lean Skill - Assignment 2

    • Customer Value Add & Non Value Add Analysis

    • An Introduction - Value Stream Mapping

    • Core Lean Skill - Assignment 4

    • 5 Whys and Identifying Root Causes (YB)

    • Core Lean Skill - Assignment 5

    • Hurricane Sandy Video (YB)

    • Batch, Flow, Takt, Pull

    • F1 Pit Stops - Line Balancing and Standard Work

    • Poke-Yoke & Error Proofing

    • Visual Management

    • A3 Problem Solving

    • Core Lean Skill - Assignment 6

  • 3

    Module 02: Lean Six Sigma Introduction

    • Introduction to Six Sigma

    • Fundamentals of Six Sigma

    • The Difference between Lean & Six Sigma

    • An Introduction to DMAIC for Black Belt

  • 4

    Module 03: Define

    • Role and Importance of the Define stage

    • Define the Business Case Introduction

    • Problem Statements

    • Goal Statements

    • Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

    • Reflection: Cost of Poor Quality

    • Voice of the Customer

    • Building your CTQ (Critical to Quality)

    • Kano Model to Understand Customer Needs

    • Assignment: Kano Canvas

    • Quality Function Deployment - The House of Quality

    • MIT - Quality Function Deployment Example Video

    • Define the Process - SIPOC

    • Project Breakdown - Cause & Effect Matrix

    • Project Selection

    • Project Structure, Teams & Stakeholders

    • Define the Business Case & Project Charter

    • Define Summary & Gate Reviews

  • 5

    Module 05: Measure

    • Measure - An Introduction (GB)

    • Module 04 - Measure Slides

    • Developing Process Measures

    • Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    • Data Analysis Introduction

    • Assignment - Standard Deviation Calculation

    • Operational Definitions Review

    • Exploring Different Data Types

    • Developing a Data Collection Plan

    • Data Sampling & Frequency

    • Mini Summary - Collect Your Data

    • Measuring System Introduction - Part 1

    • Measuring System Analysis - Part 2

    • Understanding Process Behaviour - Introduction

    • Understanding Data Distributions

    • Normal Distribution

    • Baseline Performance

    • 1st Pass Analysis

    • Process Capability Analysis

    • Baseline - DPMO

    • Sigma & DPMO Tables

    • Measure Summary & Gate Review

  • 6

    Module 06: Analysis

    • Analyse - An Introduction

    • Analyse the Process

    • Identify and Analyse the Waste

    • 5 Laws of Lean

    • Spaghetti Diagrams

    • Value Stream Map - Future State

    • Analyse the Process Summary

    • Brainstorming & Affinity Diagrams

    • Risk Analysis - Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)

    • 5 Whys Recap

    • Cause & Effect Diagram Recap

    • Graphical Analysis Overview

    • Correlation & Regression Analysis

    • Multiple Regression Analysis

    • Overview - Design of Experiments

    • Analyse - Summary

  • 7

    Module 07: Hypothesis tests

    • Confidence Intervals

    • Hypothesis Testing (Part 1)

    • Hypothesis Testing (Averages)

    • Hypothesis Testing (Median)

    • Hypothesis Testing (Variance)

    • Hypothesis Testing (Proportions)

    • Understanding Normal Distribution

  • 8

    Module 08: Statistical Tests

    • New - Coming Soon!

  • 9

    Module 09: Improve

    • Improve - Introduction

    • Brainstroming Recap

    • Negative Brainstorming

    • Assumption Busting


    • Error Proofing Recap

    • Paired Comparison Matrix

    • Assessment Criteria

    • Pugh Matrix Explained

    • N3 Voting

    • Just In Time

    • Access the Risks

    • 5S - Pilot & Implementation

    • Visual Management - Pilot & Implementation

    • Running Pilots

    • Implementation

    • Improve Summary

  • 10

    Module 10: Lean Startup & Innovation

    • Lean Startup Introduction

  • 11

    Module 11: Control

    • Control - Introduction

    • Control Charts - SPC

    • Control Plans

    • KPI Trees & Ongoing Measures

    • Standard Operating Procedures

    • An Example Exercise

    • 5S and Visual Management

    • Quantify the Change

    • Understanding the Financial Benefits

    • Using the Closure Log

    • Control - Summary

  • 12

    Module 12: Practical certification

    • Submit your Final Black Belt Project Storyboard

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I remembered and learned the details of lean six sigma and how to apply it to daily life (both work & social). It is very nice to use the collaboration tools and have an interactive course.

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Beatriz Marinho

The instructor and the course are excellent! The material is amazing and didatic, with real life examples! Really met my expectations, I definitely recommend!

The instructor and the course are excellent! The material is amazing and didatic, with real life examples! Really met my expectations, I definitely recommend!

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