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A Lean Six Sigma Expert - Black Belt

A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is an expert whose job it is to optimise and improve processes across the entire organisation. Often, leading a team of continuous improvement professions, Black Belts are continually increasing the speed and quality of processes, helping improve customer satisfaction, helping the business stay both competitive and financial sound and also key trouble shooters able to quickly help companies address critical issues.

  • Develop the key leadership skills to manage large scale transformation and change management projects in complex environments.

  • Develop your leadership skills and become a change agent to successfully manage complex problems at all levels of the organisation.

  • Become a true expert within your organisation leading teams of continuous improvement professionals to address key business challenges to drive quality, speed, customer satisfaction and financial results.

  • Become a leader in your field with an internationally recognised Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification by completing the course and deliver a real world improvement project.

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Your Lean Six Sigma Course for Business Leaders

  • 1

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Introduction

    • An Introduction to LeanScape

  • 2

    Lean Thinking

    • Lean Philosophy, history and background

    • Lean and the Theory of Constraints

    • The Lean Roadmap

    • Customer Value Add Analysis

    • Business Value and Non Value Add

    • The 8 Types of Waste

    • Value Stream Mapping

    • Understanding Flow

    • Line Balancing & Takt Time

    • Pull & Little's Law

    • Kanban, Safety Stock and Replenishment Pull

    • Poke Yoke

    • 5S and Visual Management

    • SMED and Setup reduction

    • Kaizen

    • 5 Why

    • A3 Management

  • 3

    Module 1 - Lean Six Sigma Introduction

    • Background of Lean & Six Sigma

    • Six Sigma Organisation

    • DMAIC - Improvement Approach

    • Six Sigma for Service Provision and Transactional Processes

    • Implementation of Six Sigma

    • Abbreviations and Terminology

  • 4

    Module 2 - Define

    • Role and Importance of the DEFINE Stage

    • Voice of the Customer

    • Project CTQ

    • Compiling a Six Sigma Project Team

    • The Six Sigma Project Charter

    • Project Selection

    • SIPOC

    • Stakeholder Analysis

  • 5

    Module 3 - Basic Statistics and an Introduction to Minitab

    • Introduction into Statistics

    • Statistical quantities

    • Dispersion and Distribution

    • Standard Deviation

    • Histograms

    • An Introduction into Minitab

  • 6

    Module 4 - Measure

    • Determining Project Y

    • Data Types

    • Data Collection Plan

    • Baseline Performance

    • Measuring System

    • Determining the improvement goal

    • Process Capability

  • 7

    Module 5 - Analysis

    • Possible Root Causes

    • Prioritising Causes

    • Value Stream Mapping

    • Graphical Analysis Techniques

    • Causes and Consequences

    • FMEA

  • 8

    Module 6 - Hypothesis tests

    • Confidence Intervals

    • The Importance of Sampling

    • Impact of sampling on confidence intervals

    • Hypothesis tests

    • Alpha and Beta Risks

    • Drafting the right hypothesis

    • Interpreting the results

  • 9

    Module 7 - Statistical Tests

    • Hypothesis tests and data types

    • Applying statistical tests

    • Recognising which tests should be performed when

    • Drafting hypotheses

    • Drawing conclusions from data

  • 10

    Module 8 - Improve

    • Generating Solutions

    • Trial Experiments

    • Techniques for generating ideas

    • Selecting the best solution

    • Conducting Pilots

  • 11

    Module 9 - Lean Startup & Innovation

    • Understanding Lean Startup

    • Creating Minimal Viable Products

    • Business Model Canvas

    • Lean Canvas

  • 12

    Module 10 - Control

    • Control plan and control mechanisms

    • Implementing and confirming the solution

    • Project Documentation

    • Project Closure

  • 13

    Module 11 - Practical certification

    • Practical Assignment

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