Fundmentals of Lean

Our Fundamentals of Lean Course covers the essential managerial skills required for the new landscape of business. It will introduce you to a number of fundamental concepts in creating a lean business that thrives in today's world of rapid change.

It will enable you to connect with the mindsets of senior executives as it introduces you to methods used to deconstruct problems, identify opportunity, and test new ways of doing things. Learn how to make the most of finite resources, accelerate innovation, and prevent the obsoletion of your business in periods of rapid change. These skills are vital whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a c-suite executive - because the one thing not about to change, is change itself.

  • Learn why all successful senior executives understand process thinking and what makes it so critical for businesses to be highly reactive and adaptable to shifting consumer desires

  • Develop skills that never go out of style. Uncover meta-skills that apply across all business contexts to move ahead in your chosen sector and career, such as how to systematically deconstruct problems, and to test and iterate new business solutions

  • Grow your knowledge surrounding one of the world's most internationally recognised consultancy accreditations of Lean Six Sigma - and why it makes a lasting impact on your professional career

  • Receive our Fundamentals of Lean Certification upon successful completion of the course.

Fundamentals of Lean

An introductory course for the next generation of leaders

    1. Welcome to the Special Alloy Fabricators Introduction to Lean Course.

    2. Introduction Video

    3. How to use this course!

    4. A quick introduction ...

    5. Lean in 60 Seconds

    6. Let's begin with a quick knowledge check

    1. Understanding your current working environment.

    2. The Core Principles Behind Lean

    3. So What Actually Adds Value?

    4. Becoming a Process Thinker!

    5. Eight Ways We Waste Our Time

    6. 5S Introduction

    7. Lean in Practise - Hurrican Sandy Video

    8. A few critical Lean Terms

    9. A Quick Knowledge Check

    1. A video introduction to Six Sigma

    2. Six Sigma Quiz

    1. Why Lean is Important for Business?

    2. Your First Improvement Ideas!

    3. What Are Lean Qualifications?

    4. Take Your Learning to the Next Level

    1. Fundamentals of Lean Quick Test

    1. Your Opinion is Important to Us

    2. Your Journey So Far

    3. Course Conclusion

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